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Leslie van Oostenbrugge is a passionate holistic dentist. She graduated
dental school and the School for Physical Therapy with honors.

Her upcoming book Drilling Into My Emotions will change numerous lives by
curing many dental problems. She is a joyful, and empowering woman.

Leslie has a holistic dental office in Vianen, the Netherlands. She teaches
the principles of how the universe always has your back, and quite often,
your front too! She is known as “the awakening dentist” and her lectures
have changed many people’s lives—physically, spiritually, and financially.
Leslie combines dentistry and spirituality in a new and authentic way.

She cannot emphasize enough how important oral health is to our overall
health. “Teeth never lie” is her favorite empowering statement!
Leslie is the proud mom of two daughters and one son. She loves her
physical workouts and her two doggies.

Leslie is the co-author of the book “Time to Rise”, a book on personal
growth and professional transformation.

Life is all about realizing we are a soul having a bodily experience.
Know your purpose and live your best life!!

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