Nowhere to hide

A healthy oral cavity is the main pathway to a healthy body. After all, where do the invisible animals enter your body? To give you a quick example; did you know that when a person needs heart surgery, the cardiologist sends the patient to the dentist first? And it is not at all strange for patients to see the dentist before having a kidney transplant either. Why? Because the body needs to be free of inflammation.

My, do I have a lot to share, and I owe it to you really to share my knowledge and experience so you can take control of your oral health and make a positive change that will impact every aspect of your health and wellness.

Your world is made up of cause and effect.

Just like bacteria are the cause of inflammation of the gum, YOU are the cause of inflammation of your gums. YOU are the creator of your own (dental) decay.

Your body is a reflection of your state of mind! 

In my practice, I do not only detect the inflammation, but I will also advise and guide you on how to get rid of it. I might even tell you to quit your job!

Your gums and your problems cannot hide from me. Your thoughts express themselves through your gums.

It is time for me, as a dentist, to stand up and tell you that you have to follow your gut feeling, because only then will your teeth—and your life—heal.

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