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Leslie van O – The Awakening Dentist

read my story in “emotional alignment is easy”

Blending professional insights from holistic dentistry with practical wisdom from the Law of Attraction, Leslie van Oostenbrugge makes the link between dental disease, health and emotional wellbeing.

Leslie Van Oostenbrugge runs her own holistic dental office in Vianen, the Netherlands. Today she maintains a thriving practice while speaking and writing about spirituality and health. But of course, before reaching her goals there were lessons to learn and life experiences to grow through.

From struggling with education and learning to accept that her first goal of attending medical school was not to be, to working through grief, to dealing with the plot twists of relocating a small business premises – Leslie’s stories take you on the journey of her spiritual awakening and eventually learning to trust the universe.

This book is also partly about good oral health, because as Leslie will tell you, your teeth and gums are more closely related to your overall happiness than you probably thought.

Known as ‘The Awakening Dentist’, author Leslie Van Oostenbrugge has a unique ethos that she now shares from the stages as an upcoming speaker. No matter your trade or your training, whether you are the most experienced dental surgeon or the most nervous dental patient, you will learn from Leslie’s stories from the dentist’s chair, and learn even more from her adventures in manifestation.

You may not expect your dentist to talk to you about the Law of Attraction or spirituality, but you haven’t been to Leslie’s office yet!

Leslie has a holistic dental office in Vianen, the Netherlands. She teaches the principles of how the universe always has your back, and quite often, your front too! She is known as “the awakening dentist” and her lectures have changed many people’s lives—physically, spiritually, and financially. Leslie combines dentistry and spirituality in a new and authentic way.
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