Save your money

Save your money in a dental office?????
YES! It is easy. If you would CLEAN your teeth at least TWICE a day
with a good toothbrush you will remove most of the plaque. I always tell
people to get a children’s brush! I use one myself too. The smaller, the
better. Use a brush for 5-7year old kids. You will love it.

The MOST important part however is to clean in between your teeth like
I will say over and over and over and over again.
I am flabbergasted with every NEW client in my office: their gums are
always terribly inflamed!

A new client of mine had herself turned inside out for years at many
doctors offices, had MRI’s, X-rays, CT-scans, endoscopic treatments and
lots of medication!! with no results….her stomach pains were not

She had to meet me—to tell her to clean properly.
The cause of her stomach ache?? ; the excessive amount of blood she
swallowed every day because of her sick gums.
AMEN to that.

If you would EAT at least less, preferably n o more refined sugars you
would have way less or NO MORE cavities!! It is just like that!