Color your own business

The four most important rules on how to create a business are:

Do not start a business only because of the money, start a business
because it is your SOUL calling!

BE! your BusinEss!!
Your business has to be a reflection of you and not of your
(grand)parents who want you to make big money. Make it matter to
YOU! How many business owners close the door at night and drive home

I have counselled a lovely business owner! Her parents expected from
her to own a shop because they owned one. She felt the pressure. And
here in her mid 30’s she couldn’t take it anymore…

Your decisions have RIPPLE effects in the world, believe me. Whether
you know it or not…. it is just like that! Let the ‘do no harm’ be an
ethical guidepost for you. Be honest and sincere.
Don’t judge your fellow business owners across the street. The Law of
Attraction is always in action.
LOVE is the bottom line….towards everybody.

You have to be of service, because a conscious business owner cares.
We also care about our employees! Be a team and make each other
happy. We are in this together…. In my office I always talk about the
team: The client, the assistant and I! Treat people like people, look them
in the eyes and have lovely conversations.

In my office I created a totally different scene than the average blue,
green or white (dental) offices. Use warm colours and beautiful
materials. It invites the guests. Also it is a very nice area to work in
yourself. You’ll get word of mouth (hehehe). People sense they are
welcome. So besides saying: ‘Welcome in my office’ it also shows. I
never feared to use the colors.

Using colors is using a frequency, hence energy. Clients feel that.
I am more than often being complimented by the colourful warm office.
Several architects have asked me where I had ‘the job done’. No where;
I did it all by myself. You just have the guts to listen to your own heart.