Brush your teeth, brush your soul

A little story about cleaning your teeth…

You are responsible for your own health, which includes your physical, mental, emotional,  spiritual and dental health.

It would not be fair to go through your life eating, sleeping, and kicking ass every day without brushing your teeth first, right?

Kicking ass with a toothache doesn’t work. How can you be your best self and have a great day when you’ve got a constant, niggling pain disrupting your thoughts and sleep? And, you put in an effort to ensure you are nicely shaven, your make-up looks terrific, your hair looks spiffy, right? Well, yellow teeth do not fit with that. To look your best, you need to feel your best, and vice versa.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

It is best to clean your teeth after a meal. After every meal, plaque will begin to build upon your enamel (the white of your teeth). Plaque consists of bacteria, but also of refined sugar and leftover food. The bacteria eat the sugar and excrete acids. Enamel, being the toughest (!) tissue in your whole body, cannot bear acids. Decay will follow. Decay is nothing but a bacterial invasion into your tooth.

YOU can prevent decay. Clearance of plaque is prevention of decay.


Brushing your teeth twice a day, and a thorough cleaning in between your teeth with special little brushes (soft-picks for instance (brand: “GUM”)) will definitely save you hundreds of dollars at the dentist’s office.

Wait for my instruction video!

               Saving your teeth is saving your smile!

             Brush your



             Brush your