‘World’ is a translation of the Greek word ‘Cosmos’. ‘Cosmos’ more than often refers to
our planet earth and all her (non) human inhabitants.

One of the biggest lies we were told from a very young age on is that we need someone else
on this earth to feel complete. We started to believe that only other people could heal us and
only other people could save us. Save us from what?….from harm. Yes….harm…
Most people live in fear and ask themselves “Where to go with this world?”

I often say: ‘Well, new babies are being born…they are able to create a whole new world!’
I more than often say: ‘You can change the world too’. But at the age of 22, 33, 46 or 57 is it
not worth the effort anymore to most of us. And where would we start anyway?
Indeed where would we start? Do we want to start? Or do most of us just want to complain,
whine, and grind our teeth…..…waiting for a solution to the self imposed problems.

Basically, the system of the world is ruled by negative thoughts (or call them ‘evil’ or
‘Satan’). We really do not want to part of that right? Right? .Awesomely enough the
Universe or Buddha, Source, God or Jesus have already shown you the opposite; YOU
were born! You are alive, isn’t that the greatest gift? Isn’t that something to be positive

Let sin have no power over you, you do not have to stay trapped by the evil principles of the
world. Even more awesome is that our belief in the universe causes us to change.
Our hearts will be less interested in the things of the world as we strive to be more like the
universe. In fact we ARE the universe. All atoms and molecules in us resemble the atoms
and molecules around us.

So if we aren’t ruled by Satan and sin anymore that’s fantastic!! But…..hey….we still live
here! Yeah. Not so great. But we have been given freedom from that evil, remember?
We may be physically present (IN the world) but we don’t have to be part of the values
other people set (OF the world).

We really are set apart from the wickedness of the cosmos if we seek to live a holy, whole,
righteous life.

Now, believing in the universe doesn’t mean we stopped sinning. Sorry, but that is not how
we were wired. We unfortunately are wired to experience sin too. Unfortunately? That is the
duality we live.

But we can make our own decisions! We have the power to not do the sinful stuff.
You DO have a choice.

You came here with a free will. The will to choose whatever you like. You can choose to
stay in the darkness (sin) which is forced onto you or you can choose to create your whole
new world. It is a daily commitment to look through other eyes. Not through the eyes of sin,
wickedness, temptation and hate. Look through the eyes of love.
See every moment, every situation as one that has been created for the BEST of you.
Watch your life change!!!

We have the power to be thankful for what we have. We have the power to love ourSelf. We
have the power to NOT judge! We have the power to take care of ourSelves. We have the
power to treat our bodies like they are supposed to be treated.
It is NOT the other person, the doctor, the dentist, the mailman, the spouse, the co-worker,
the in-laws. It is you who creates your own life!

This website is here for you to remind you that you are whole and you are the only one who
can invest in yourSelf. I am only here to remember you.

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